Losing rank when a match is loading in, but gets kicked back to home screen

After players are selected and maps have been voted for while it’s loading into the game, we get kicked back to the home screen and it starts searching or players again… When this happens, I lose rank xp equal to the cost of a match dropping my rank.


I have a video that I can’t load onto the forums; basically I’m mid match into a KOTH masters and the server loses connection while in a gnasher fight.

I get the loading screen for like 30 seconds, lose GP and banned because I “quit” - I had to play the 5 quickplay matches after that.

I doubt TC will ever fix it, if they can’t fix a simple issue where everyone on your team gets punished if a random player on your team quits, then what you are asking for is too much.

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It happens far too often. I’ve gone from Diamond 3 to Diamond 1 because it kept loading and kicking, loading and kicking so I reload the game and my ranks has dropped 2 spots… All that grind for nothing.

Yeah, the same thing has happened to me. It’s not my connection; I’m hardwired.

Hardwired for taking L’s

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