Losing RANK progress when teammates leave

please somebody explain to me why i am to blame for some random player leaves,beating two diamon 4 gettin 0.30 progress and when somebody leaves lost 5 percent dont get it


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I’ve paused the game and I don’t get the return to main menu option on Xbox One X. I guess they want me to stay and deal with everything you mentioned above. :confounded:


You r so right my friend

so you acknowledge that TC doesnt care about gears 4 and its players who spend money to play the game unless its money related. keep that in mind when esports supporter pack 11 comes out.

This among many asinine decisions relating to mp is the most asinine.

The match should be void. No one moving, I know that might also be seen as unfair but it is a better solution.

4 games of Escalation early yesterday, lost all 4 and every game ended up 1-3 players short and I mean from round 3 on, if we were 3 nil down, for example.

I lost lots of %…what because I decided to stay…how stupid am I!

Please post your issues and concern regarding the Ranking system here;

Same for me. The right move would be at least to block everyone from gaining rank or losing rank, the second someone leaves the game. So everyone can still finish the game without any trouble and just search for a new one and try again.

Let keep all rank feedback, questions, or concerns on the Official thread: HERE

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Thank you…