Losing Rank Percentage

When I often play Ranked matches and usually find myself having 1 or 2 teammates quit out. Therefore I’m at a disadvantage which makes me end up losing the game. Then I look at my rank percentage I see that I’m heavily impacted from the lose that was unfair. I believe the percentage you earn or lose should depend on if your at a disadvantage in the match. I was at a Diamond 3 (50% to diamond 4) in a solo game in escalation but had teammates quit out, after that Game I got totally demoted. I find that highly unfair.


yeah bro ive be plying 3v5, and a couple 2v5 but my ranks still climbing, dont really understand this thing. it really has been feeling like an off day but ive been climbing in bothTDM and KOTH, just gotta play through the sh*t.

People have been complaining about this exact thing every since this game released, TC doesn’t care. They don’t acknowledge it, they don’t reply to it, they simply say it’s working as intended which then you have to think who makes a ranking system that punishes a team down teammates? Your right it’s complete BS for a person who takes the time to try to play well and shot for a high rank only to be penalized by something that is completely out of their control. Most other games this wouldn’t be a thing

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Ridiculous that you can face ANY demotion after teammates quit. What goes through the minds at TC that causes them to think that’s a good idea?

I also love that I can MVP matches but get demoted because my team lost due to 1 bad teammate. “You are the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, here’s your demotion” :smile:


I was at 93% D4 going to D5 on KOTH. A teammate lagged out and dropped my percentage to 81%. Just because “it’s working as intended “ doesn’t mean it’s fair or reasonable.


Yep, TC doesn’t give a ■■■■. They dont even respond. Even a nice ■■■■ you, just deal with it because we can’t/wont do anything about it would be nice. Main reason I quit.

Today I was trying to get my diamond in tdm and I was at 53%, I then proceeded to win all my games and lose 1. I’ve now checked back to see if I had gone up and I am now at 33.33%, I lost one game, now I’m down 20%. I don’t even understand, my friends have been having this problem too. If this gets fixed. I was probably at 70+% not 33.33%. Thank you.


why not push for the full D5 bro?