Losing Rank Despite Good Performance and a Win

I just finished a match with a win. I was also the match MVP. However, during my post match stats I went down in rank! Is this happening to anyone else?

Please share your thoughts.

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I’ve had this happen to me at high diamond alot, I’ve put it down to the game not thinking I won and got MVP impressively enough, if that makes sense.

Below is part of a response from a diamond player in ranked. Tgeres a little snippet in here about ranking up. To give you a little context, I was ■■■■■■■■ about the current state of KOTH and how nobody plays the objective anymore. Its pretty enlightening about how you move up or down. Its really all about K/d my man. I know its frustrating. Peace




I know why & I will tell you. From a gears 5 veteran with over 2,000 ranked matches from all game modes.

It’s based on points per minute. Now I played 8 ranked matches of KOH & I didn’t cap no rings. Why? Because I get awarded for points per minute to rank up & the cap is worth 30 points & a kill is 175. So the more I kill the more I rank up.

Unfortunately ppm applies to all game modes. Like gaurdian is terrible for ppm because if you’re the leader you’re forced to camp & your ppm may go down if the game takes too long.

I’m TDM if you’re battling high level try hards then they can camp too & your ppm will go down.

So the easiest mode for ppm is KOH. I really love TDM though & want to boost my stats there since my majority of rank gameplay is there.

But KOH is looking much more appealing to me. Since I usually play with a few friends it’s just a friendlier mode to kill people in.

I learned the ranking system by playing the game. That’s why if you lose a round it hurts you a lot if you didn’t surpass your average ppm & especially if you’re losing to ranks under you, regardless if you have lower ranked players as your allies. Because you make up for they’re rank & the system expects that it’s an even playing field, when that’s not the case at all.

The reality is its 4 or 5 decent players versus maybe 2 decent players & 3 new comers or low ranked players. Sometimes your rank is so high the game balances it out by giving you some scum , which is not cool.

But yeah. That’s why people just kill in KOH sometimes. Because there’s no emphasis on the ring & you rank up faster killing because of how the system is.

I still play tdm now & then just to keep my skill level from being rusty but I won’t play for hours like I used to & im not supporting TC with any purchases until they show me they care by fixing the ranking system, to the