Losing more xp than earning

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It hasn’t just been ranked matches for me though. It got so bad yesterday that I lost more xp than I earned in the match. Someone needs to fix this.

Have you been quitting?


Boi. The whole reason I posted the forum is because I haven’t been quitting.

No need to be snippy.

There are a ton of people who come here moaning about the same issue only to find out they’re chronic quitters. It’s not that you’re being accused but it should always be the first question asked.

As I said in your previous thread. They are looking into it but no update as of yet.

Its likely they are not responding because they cant give promises.

Dude, I’m not a chronic quitter. The point of the forum is that I never quit, but still lose the xp. And coins

That still doesn’t mean it’s not a valid question so there’s no need to go on the offensive here. I asked you a question but I never labeled you as a chronic quitter. There are far too many people that come here claiming to be wrongfully penalized but it then comes out they did quit a lot. But again, that’s not myself or anyone else labeling you as such.

Thank you. Sorry. Not the tone I was going for. It gives me that penalty even on matches where there isn’t supposed to be a quit penalty.

Hello, and please do not create multiple posts of similar topic, instead add to the discussion of the thread you’ve already created.

Will be closing this one, and please use the one you originally created.

Thank you.

TC has stated they’re investigating the issue: