Losing in wave 50

Given the nature of Horde, generally, I don’t have one. Some classes I only use the ult when necessary(eg Pilot, or never before a boss wave if I know I won’t always get it back quickly unless I need to perform a save), and depending on enemies spawned in I may not hang around the base. If what’s left is a Bolter, Snipers and a Guardian, and I’m last one standing, it may not be stupid to try getting the Guardian away and take out some other enemies before you revive anyone else.

Also make sure you drop some of the useless starting weapons for something more useful. Having an Enforcer as Pilot without Enforcer Expert(and let’s be honest, who uses that as a Pilot besides like one or two players in the entire game) is one of the worst possible things in a last man standing situation. Even a Claw is better.

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My personal backup plan is playing a class that can solo.

Essentially, if I’m, say, an Infiltrator or an Anchor or a Gunner, I should be able to tank the end of a wave that went poorly. Not always, but I have the best chance on classes like those because I can play safe and still do good damage. Raw DPS classes like Demo or Marksman have no defense, so they can be downed by multiple enemies firing one shot when they poke their head out of cover. Engineers also have a hard time doing anything if they’re already through the fortifications.

I think the biggest things are: don’t panic, play it safe, move to kite enemies and only pick up tags if it’s safe. I’ve seen too many people walk out into crossfire to pick up a tag, then die themselves.


Bolters are deadly put 3 of my teammates down at once on training grounds

Bolters do that regardless of modifiers. Especially once 2x damage kicks in as poison. Some of them like to be on a mission, but it usually doesn’t succeed when they’re the last enemy left alive. I certainly don’t count them among the enemies that cause failures the most in my runs, even if they’re dangerous.

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Sometimes the game is just random. A fluke series of events where things go south, people make mistakes, or whatever.

I’ve gone from easy, almost too easy of a run, to a wipe enough to know the odds aren’t always in your favor.

Usually it’s caused by complacency and not paying attention. Easy victory can lead to defeats.

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There have been so many good feedbacks that I can’t quote them all.
It seems also that it is not so rare to have an easy and solid game until a single mistake could ruin the match.

Keeping the ult ready , taking care of the 1st dbno, prioritize enemies (flyers, bastions, warden), keep room to move back or take cover …

I learned also to keep flash grenades whatever the class I play with … always. These are lifesavers.

Time to try again.

No matter how many enemies is left in a wave never feel too comfortable even if there is 1. A mulchar scion for instance down 4 people and he was the last enemy alive and a stump is the same way. Frag grendiers is probably the worst of them all. 1 frag wiped the whole team just 1 on exhibit on wave 37 and the funny thing is everyone was on a different piece of cover and it still wiped us.Bottom line is with bolters no matter how many out there be careful They shoot the botok so fast that 3 teammates or more can go down in a matter of seconds which i seen.


I used to play 1-50 a lot, but I hate it with passion now lol

Prioritizing targets is the way to go. If anyone is focusing on big guys like bosses or Wardens (they are fast af), the other teammates should kill lesser enemies as they can still wipe the entire team; Wiped a lot of times because everyone was focusing on bosses and some juvies/elite drones f*cked us up.

Rushing to revive is the worst thing ever. Wiped multiple times because I got downed (or another teammate) and people were rushing to revive, Elite Drones (Bolters now) are ruthless.

One thing that I really hate is sharing cover when I’m not Veteran using my ult. Boomshot Scions and Poppers can end the whole thing in a matter of seconds

Another thing that I REALLY, REALLY hate is tunnel vision people. Wiped a few times because someone decided to not revive me (or teammares);

I don’t enjoy playing 1-50 and if I play, I’ll choose Demo always or 90% of the time. The goal is to delete bosses ASAP.


It is just a game but I hate wasting my time lol


If I’m Demo, I’ll always focus on bosses first (but I won’t be ignoring big guys lol). That’s the sole reason of me playing Demo.


To me, I don’t give a ■■■■ what that thing is. If my time got wasted, that bothers me. If I am stacking up sticks in my backyard and then some bear comes and knocks it down and then runs off while snickering, I will be pissed since that was my time wasted (well and the fact a troll bear ruined my masterpiece but that is beside the point)

Time is the main thing that gets me.

When we did the Boss Rush challenge (no Demo and no Tac run) this morning (or yesterday morning for some of you guys) I did not feel like time was wasted when we failed on Vasgar a lot of times because we were learning what not to do for when the marathon happens down the line. We eventually were able to get it since we were able to take what we learned from previous runs and apply it to our final run (it was also quite late too, was like 8am for me when we stopped and for others, it was even later) but hey, we got it.


When I say “waste time” is when some random decides to do something stupid and we end up wiping. A troll. a griefer if you will.

We all learn from our losses. That’s why our Boss Rush was 37-2 (could’ve been 37-0 tbh).


Lol funny when people say this in a PvP mode. “Why are you trying so hard, its just a game bro”.

Am I supposed to hop on a game and play to lose?


Yeah, I don’t understand the casualness of some people in terms of winning and losing. If I didn’t care about something I simply wouldn’t do it at all. We all have different goals I guess.




Agreed who on earth plays a game to lose. I hate losing and when my team wipe by dumb stuff that could of been avoided it really aggravates me like a demo on boss rush that cant even kill a kestnel like really.


Part of Horde is to get to the end of the run and finish it, in my view. Regardless of which mode or event you’re playing. Losing to some cheap BS is really annoying. It is also equally annoying when someone tells me to stop getting annoyed because we didn’t win, since most failures can be put down to stupid BS resulting in the failure.

It’s not like having a [close] game in PvP where both teams were relatively evenly matched and/or you were one of the top performers and you still had fun playing. When Horde fails, at least at this point in the game’s life, it’s pretty much always just annoying.


That’s why I barely play any 1-50. If I play, I must win lol


I agree even if I think we eventually have not the same goals or at a similar level.

Don’t get me wrong. When I said it was just a game it is not because I can loose my time for « nothing ».

Looking at what you and others writing here put the game at a competitive level. I am not at this level.

But sure what we share is the will to learn and the pleasure to beat some difficulty (players with whom you play with are probably looking for higher challenges considering you beat almost everything)

And last thing we can share is the hate for repetitive mistake. A mistake is a learning thing, do it the same again and again is dumb.

When I played with you on some boss rush I was totally focus and had a kind of competitive mindset. I did not consider as a casual session like a daily frenzy could be. Btw I did less and less daily frenzy.

Hope to see some of you « serious » players during some 1-50 or BR only X class.

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Exactly, the goal is to complete the objective.

The goal should go to obviously have fun but theoretically win 100% of the time. Obviously we can’t hit 100% in reality but you would think it would be something to still aim for on a game by game basis. I just can’t understand the “it’s just a game crowd.” I just hope I’m never like that as I get older.lol