Losing in wave 50

This is not a wailing wall. It is more a kind of survey/testimony post.
I recently began horde 1-50 and I am playing mostly with randoms (find a host in public lobby and a map I did not yet completed).
We are loosing from time to time and it usually happens early in game (bad coordination, mistakes in placements, weakness of the team …)
So I do not complain when a wipe occurred in this case.
Usually if the team survives up to wave 30, the probability of a win is higher than 80-90% (short experience)
Especially when every wave is smooth and a team spirit is here.
This was the case yesterday on Harbor with high reup very strong classes and very good coordination (less than one dbno a wave until 45).
We failed during wave 50 … As far as I remember it is the second time I faced this situation. Nothing special just a little mistake. I do not care much it was a good game.

My purpose is just to know if it still happens to you (assuming there is a well balanced team - everyone is doing his job up to wave 49 - good experience and cards level).
What are the signs and at which wave are you sure you will win a 1-50 master with randoms?

It’s been awhile since I’ve played 1-50 with randoms but back when I did I knew we would win/lose based on how we did on boss waves or mini boss waves. If a wave 10 matriarch was a legitimate struggle as an example, I knew that was going to be a loss eventually, it was just a matter of time.

Edit: In general it would be nice if everyone paid attention to why they won and why they lost horde matches. I think some people are overly casual about it.

There was actually a boss rush match on ritual that we were struggling the first couple waves. I was trying to figure out why and I deduced it was as simple as moving the fabricator. We ended up winning that game but would’ve probably lost if we didn’t make that changed. That game wasn’t even with randoms though but the concept can still be applied.


True. This is a good signal of weakness. concenrning the example I gave we did not have Matriarch or Wakatu. Just swarmak and flocks (sentinels and guardians without any big trouble)
We did manage also wardens with bastion (this is also a good stress test).

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Sometimes losses just happen. Good losses are when everyone does what they are supposed to do but you simply just got beat by a series of unfortunate events.

As long as your team collectively learns from it, that’s still progress in my book.


There isn’t any sign. You can wipe on any wave on a 1-50 as I have done many times!

Case in point, I wiped on wave 46 on Blood Drive a few days ago. I was last person standing with one enemy left and got one shot headshotted by a Bolter as I was lining him up with my boomshot. It happens.

I play a lot of 1-50 Masters, here’s a few observations from experience:

  • Waves 1-10 are the most difficult to get through and you’ll wipe far more times on those waves than you will on 11-50.
  • The waves after a boss or mini boss wave are dangerous. The x1 and x6 waves are when people let their guard down so be mindful of this.
  • Be particularly wary when there are less than five enemies left. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wiped when one person goes down, someone goes to get them and they go down, someone gets sniped and so on.
  • One boomshot can put down a cluster of players so make sure at least one person is separate from that group.
  • Don’t group together, even when there’s only a few enemies left. I wiped on Gridlock once when all of us were in the tower and and the only enemy left, an Elite sniper threw a shock grendade in and put us all down.
  • I’ve probably wiped more times on wave 45 due to Sentinel/Guardians than any other reason. Those things are death in the air—get rid of them as quickly as you can.
  • Wave 31 onwards, double damage kicks in, so you’ll be going down a lot more often because of this. Adapt your game accordingly.
  • Use your judgement. Sometimes it’s better to stay under cover and either let people die or let them crawl to you to be revived rather than put yourself at risk.

Use yur situational awareness and judgement. More often than not wipes happen because people make mistakes and or use poor judgement. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, everyone’s done it, but learn from those experiences and do something different next time.

Don’t let wipes discourage you on 1-50’s. Yes it can get frustrating but by experience you’ll become a better player and 1-50’s are the most enjoyable game mode in my opinion, particularly if you’re lucky enough to get a good team.


How people react to DBNO is a big part of this issue.


Or fail to react to them.


I’ll admit my bias first I hate 1-50s in this Gears. No real joy from them. It’s the mixture of taps, perking being required, and the time commitment when there’s another, better option.

That being said I’m 26/37 now 1-50 Masters and I’m interested and working on finishing them off. Progress is a little slow because I’m doing it with my best friend and he has 2 nights a week he can play for that duration. I find 1-50 overall substantially easier than Frenzy, but also more boring.

I agree the hardest part is the first 15 waves or so, even first 7-8, but for whatever reason I almost have never wiped that early. It just FEELS really awful and annoying when you’re out of ammo, locker situation isn’t great, every wave feels like a challenge. Then it’s almost sleep inducing for a while until you hit the 30s. Even then I don’t notice anything much changing even as Infiltrator until 41-50, which is horrible. People play way too loose and even if I’m not struggling, I am struggling when I am having to revive people who can’t adjust properly.

So worst fails during our Master attempts:
-Today, Wave 29 (inside hold mid map) on Regency. It never felt like anything but a fail to me. I was Marksman and while I was killing it after wave 12 or 14 or so, before the barriers were further out I was struggling and I couldn’t Ult because there wasn’t enough safety. My best friend was doing fantastic as Demo, I was crushing even his score, and our friend the Robotics Expert had built a nice base. Both Gunners were usually inept and combined for less damage every wave than either of us, usually substantially so. Zero 100,000 damage waves tells you what you need to know. Simply too bad of randoms even having 3/5 of the team ourselves. Nothing much to learn there but Regency sucks and so do randoms. Maybe not a good hold location. But what is there.

-Yesterday, Wave 46 on District. Our friend had to leave on 35, I will admit I did struggle badly as Infiltrator after 40. I was crushing it but with that hold point near the arcade, there isn’t a great corner to wait around so I was playing medic. Our demo was spectacularly unaware and while he did great damage, he was a poor Demo by our standards. Regularly 4/5 guys at a barrier and no boomshot to be found when my friend and I would be salivating over the prospects. We didn’t have a competent 5th since we lost our friend, it was some random who sucked. Match ended when Demo boomshotted himself lol.

-Exhibit still haven’t cleared. Failed Wave 49 - worst yet - random frag grenade. We really were playing great I thought. We also failed twice on wave 37. Once I was Infiltrator and hadn’t even lost stim more than 2 times let alone gone down. Next time I was Blademaster and I was having a great time, but it was very very unlucky. My friend boomshots the bastioned mulcher - I throw a flash grenade and go in for the Ult kill. I get him low on health when out of the blue a second bastion protects him! I die almost immediately. I warned my team, I called him out before, and they acted way too casual. Nobody seemed to take cover properly, I watched my best friend casually turn his back and grab another boomshot from the locker before dying. Locker cannot be that exposed, then. And you can’t just decide not to take cover from that. It happens but there were 2 other teammates left and neither seemed to do anything. Very odd as it was all of our regulars, a great team. I don’t even think Exhibit is a hard map, so why 3 wipes? Not sure. But that thing has been a nightmare for us.

By the way when we cleared District tonight, we nearly wiped on waves 3, 4, and 5. We had just 3 of us, the other two quit. We hung around and figured it was pointless but we managed to pick up 2. My one friend yelled at the randoms because the idiots went down 3 times each on wave 41, we said nothing, but they were way too far out. I revived them a few times. Then nothing was learned at all, they did this again on 42, 43, and 44. Finally my friend said some choice words and that we won’t be reviving them any more. One learned, the other quit. Good riddance. An Anchor trying to use a Breaker Mace on Master in the middle of the map was too idiotic for words. We picked up a Combat Medic and he was mostly useless but his Ult helped a few times. Just goes to show you never know what’s a win and what’s a loss. Some really shaky teams I’ve had, we cleared it, other times a great team wiped.

My usual thought isn’t what the team messed up but what else could I have played or done? Was my class choice not right for the map / team composition? It always eats at me.


I share and agree on your observations. Especially the one on wave 31. At some point the time and habits you takes make your attention decreasing a little bit. It is the signal to wake up and focus.

It is only a game lol. I still enjoy playing with randoms as it forces you to adapt. I have sometimes the chance to cross some of you and it is even better.

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I find this thought process interesting every time I see it. I’ve had it told to me a few times. Does that ultimately mean wins and losses are totally irrelevant? How does it work?lol


How people react to DBNO is a big part of this issue.

It is in general (even if not in the OP case).
This warning is relevant also for escape and frenzy

Agreed, and this applies in both normal Horde and Frenzy. The enemies suddenly being tougher/more accurate/more lethal can be a shocker and honestly a lot of the smaller enemies in early waves are what benefit the most from these bonuses.

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Yep. I’ve seen many players panic or rush head on to revive when they are the last man standing and all enemies are shooting at you.

Of course there are situations when you just can’t escape crossfire and it’s gg.

But most times what I’ve seen is one player getting down can be a downfall for all others. Players who stay too far away from the base and get down. Then people try to get to them and… rest is history.


Correct and it is even worse in 1-50 from my little experience of this mode. Compared to frenzy or escape, there is a king of slowness between w15 and 29 if the team is running well.
The sudden change after 30 and 40 is really noticeable.

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Another one I meant to mention but forgot:

  • Be mindful of the enemies left on Boss waves even if it’s only a few—in my experience it’s often these lesser enemies that will put you down and not the Boss. This happens when everyone is focused on the Boss and ignore the few that are left. I never focus on the Boss until there’s only one enemy left—the Boss itself.

Very good advise here. Worse with selfish players who fight only to get MVP ribbon …
But sometimes and it was my case yesterday in W50 on Harbor : swarmak with flyers. Flyers was for me the priority.

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On a side note, do you have always a personal backup plan in mind in case you remain alone ?

Or is it a matter of experience and reflex pattern on which you trust to get out of dangerous situation ?

Well… If you are doing daily horde. The 1st thing I look at is what particular classes are playing in daily horde. If players can’t read the mutators, that is a guaranteed you will fail, just matter of when it’s going to happen.

Edit: Had a demo in my game, thought it was an easy ride but clearly didn’t read the mutators. 90% reduced bleed damage, level 17 demolition and they only were re-up 50 bless them.

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Oh, good question. Depending on the enemies and situation, I tend to fall back every few feet just in case. Every time I move back a little, I can focus on what’s in front of me while keeping an eye on things to try to sideswipe me. It’s not 100%, but it increases my chances of getting a teammate back because if I instantly rush for tags I am going to lose lol.

A lot of this will play a large part in survivability. If all teammates are gone, then it’s pretty much what you have to rely on in order to make it out. Of course, I am no expert and I have lost more than I won but it works for me lol.

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I’ve wiped on wave 45-50 a number of times on what were otherwise straightforward, coasting runs. And I swear every time it was due to a Guardian, Sentinel or Bastion not being taken care of on one side and nobody noticing until most of the team is down.

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