Losing GP without the match even starting

So, yesterday I noticed that sometimes when a player disconnected from the lobby before the match started, I’d lose the buy-in GP cost of the match, even though the match never actually started.
This happened both in cases when the lobby dissolved during vote and when the match was about to start but one player failed to connect.

Just wanted to inform TC about this. Maybe the buy-in should happen the moment the match begins to avoid this and not before.


It def buggy. I noticed I was demoted a whole tier after losing and when I jumped back into the game I was back about 500 GP higher than when I was last on.

I’ve seen lobby’s dissolve like that…maybe the win and GP reward got added and the game decides a winner. And in your case the lobby dissolved and decided you lost. Who knows.

I don’t think it’s that, because I always lost the buy-in GP when it happened. I guess the ranking system is supposed to return the buy-in GP if the match doesn’t start, but a few times when the lobby had dissolved I had lost 150 GP without even getting to play the match due to a player disconnecting.

It’s good to see that this issue still isn’t resolved. Started the day out at D3 nearly Master. 3 matches in a row, got into a lobby and someone quit, dissolving the lobby. I lost the entry fee all 3 matches and back down to nearly Onyx 3. It’s already a struggle trying to get to Master and this is just another issue to steer me away from the game unfortunately.


This same thing happened to me in TDM at D3; very lame.

I’m surprised I’m getting replies to this post still :sweat_smile: I made this thread back in August, before they made the latest changes to this gp system.
Either way, I haven’t had this problem in a long time. Now if someone quits before the match starts I get the buy-in gp back (with a little delay).

I regret to inform you that this problem still exists.


Does anyone get kicked from Ranked KoTH match and get error
It says error due to some one quitting , but have not noticed anyone leaving ranked match when playing only a glitch where players are walking into the wall & stuff, then game errors out??
iIsent a BUG report to the support area of this forum. not sure if hat help them ?

XB Gear5 update ver1