Losing Gp in ranked

There seems to be an issue when starting a ranked match and the lobby being dissolved causing lost of the GP buy in. I’ve had this happen a few times now and being in the diamond tier that’s 1700 GP lost grrrrrrrrr!!! Does anyone else had this problem ??

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Same have had it happen when someone didnt load in the match and another game my team was winning and the game ended an kicked everyone lost points i lost 1700

@TC_Sera. Hi. Losing GP in ranked cause server crashed.

i lost my ticket, 1 700 GP, whereas i won 1 540 GP just before the crash. So with my super Xbox Slim (slow) i couldn’t back in time.

Can the system differentiate between a crash and a disconnection? And can the “GP” points earned be acquired at any time other than the end of the match?

Most of the time you’ll get your GPs back, usually the next day :wink:

But that’s weird to lose GPs when the lobby crashs, this problem does exist since day 1.

I think what they should do is have the buy in taken at the end of the match rather then the start of the match

That wouldn’t punish people who quit early when they are losing though.

The game should refund your points if the lobby disolves before a game started (and you didn’t quit/dodge/crash) but it can take time for this to be refunded.

Some users have reported instances where the lsot GP doesn’t return though so I can understand the frustration when it isn’t your fault and you lose GP