Lore related questions that I couldn’t find answers to

I have played all the games and have read all of the books and comics besides ascendancy and anvil gate (latter of which I’m reading now). But there are a lot of things that I’ve wondered but could not find the answer to .

  1. Is Tyrus and the nation of pelles on the same continent? Or are they entirely separated by ocean? Or is it a giant continent with small connecting landmasses?

  2. Who is Anya strouds father. As far as I’ve read and played literally no mention of her father is made.

  3. What does the lancer saw run off of? And what powers the suit and gun LEDs? ( it’s probably immulsion)

  4. Does the beast of the beast rider have an official name?

  5. Are berserkers creatures of the hollow? Or affected females? Or is it based apon genetic makeup of affected females?

  6. In the aftermath dlc, Paduk claims that the oil rig was carried off shore to Halvo bay via a wave from the sinking of Jacinto, which is plausible because bays are extremely likely to attract tsunami wreckage, but when they where evacuating , there was no massive wave in sight? Even if it was later Bernie was stuck in Jacinto about an hour after, plus no boats had trouble navigating at a glance. I’m not a geologist so there could be somthing I’m missing entirely so could someone help me?

  7. Where is the 3rd rojas brother (if he died in the book I may have forgot)

  8. How did delta control the reavers in gears 2? And how did it’s lights just change? Is there some kind of law between human and locust that they both agree to wearing color coated and lit armor?

  9. Where is franklin, Loomis, jace, and dizzy during the events of gears 4.

  10. How many days are in a strange month on average? If there are 16 months and if they where similar in days to ours then would serans technically have a longer lifespan than earths humans?

  11. How the hell did Damon Baird build a mechanized army in 25 years. Even if a year is 16 months that is a n incredible amount of time

That’s all. Any answers to any of these questions would be greatly apreatiated.

Um I know one of these. Loomis died shortly after Judgement (early on in the Locust War). There is a statue of him when Baird and Cole go back to Halvo in the aftermath campaign

Baird started DBi, or Damon Baird Industries. It is reasonable to assume that he had employees and probably manufacturing facilities, with resources from the COG.