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Loosing rank pts without playing

Tomorow i was silver 3 top 3% with 16200pts .

Today i was silver 3 top 56% with 1300pts

How the ■■■■ i have lose 3000pts without playing damn ■■■■ thats hurt

You know what rank you were in the future? :eyes:


I think he just got the word order mixed up here.

If you havent played since the update then that’s why. TC recalibrated the rankings. You can find all the info you need on the gears 5 website

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I used my 200 IQ brain to come to that conclusion too.

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Or messed up and then decided to say they meant it.

For example, Masters players getting adjusted to Onyx 1 and then going back to Masters literally no problem.

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The same has happened to me. This morning I was onyx 1 king of the hill with 18000 skill points, I’ve logged in and played today and I’ve lost 9000…yes …9000 skill points and dropped down to silver!!! What. The. Hell. That was days worth or grind. I’m uninstalling this game it’s just nonsense.

I’m trying to stay away from saying certain things because some people on here think all I do is insult everyone and everything

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Completely understandable :+1:

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Alright guys thanks for the info !

I was saying yesterday and sorry for my english my first langague is french .

I can’t hand out much more than a virtual cookie for such a groundbreaking, never-seen-before conclusion so here’s one.

Should probably leave this link in here, though. Probably part of it.

I noticed this today too. Was Silver 2 with 12750 and was down to 8267 (still Silver 2 ) when I logged in today. Also there seamed to be connection issues again with EU servers even though the ping is lower, players are were glitching around the maps loads.

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I’ve already seen this link and had my rank changed on Thursday last week. I’ve been playing loads since last Thursday when they made the update, grinding 300-400 skill points at a time to get myself to onyx 1 and now it’s just hacked 9000 skill points off me?! Absolute nonsense…get ready for the remaining few players that were clinging on in hope that TC could actually deliver a game worth playing leaving gears 5


It was more for the OP in case they hadn’t seen it yet(seems that way to me). I don’t play Ranked or Versus much so I’m spared this but even I had to shake my head at this… “recalibration” of ranking which doesn’t seem to serve a whole lot of purpose for the most part.

Yeah they’ve already re calibrated once. I’ve had a few days off work so been on the ranked grind only to have all my efforts wasted. Some people don’t care about rank but fighting for my rank in multiplayer is what keeps me interested in the long term. If they’re going to keep randomly moving the goalposts I might just call it a day

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