Looks like I'm getting tossed into European servers today

Which is fine, if 100ms wasn’t being added to my latency.

Why ‘do away’ with region locking if you’re going to send us to other regions anyway? At least let me decide whether I want to play ranked with that disadvantage.


It’s a nice break when I get tossed into US servers and my ping goes sky high and therefore making me invincible and too easy to get Double, Triple and Quad kills :v:

Well, if it works for you then right on lol. I can’t play when it’s muddy. All my controls feel slightly off… no good. I spend the whole game suckin it.

Yet higher pings sponge shots. But you’re right the controls do feel muddy when there’s even one high ping including yourself. But man, your shots will register if you can hit them unlike the inconsistency when you play on your home server. :disappointed:

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Exactly this, it can feel strange but damn can you go superman :joy::raised_hands: