Looks like 3 new maps are coming in Operation 2

There are 3 new slots in the maps screen after Title Update 2.

There were 15 empty slots under the map selection in customs after the update dropped, are you still able to scroll down further? The screen won’t move down but you can hear the cursor border moving

That’s the furthest down you can scroll.

Hoping that there is going to be new maps,a big thanks OP,for the screen shot,:+1::sunglasses:

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Theres another 6 rows of 3 each row, below the maps,meaning upto pehaps 18. more maps.

Yeah I noticed this as well. Really hope they give us more then 2 maps.

This game really needs it… I find myself only wanting to play Training Grounds as off right now. Vasgar isn’t half bad either. But I’m not really digging District, Icebound, and Asylum for KOTH gameplay personally.

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Let me guess… Impact, Relic and Fallout.


Im hoping for reclaimed windflair and forge classic myself.

I’m pretty sure these would be new maps or new remakes. TC only seems to be using G4 maps to quickly supplement what we currently have.

Don’t forget impact dark, impact dusk, impact dawn, impact snow, impact rain, impact color blast, impact wind flare, impact ice, impact blitz, impact haze. I can go on and on. I’ll get excited for new maps when I am actually playing on new maps and they aren’t terrible

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Impact Vegas.
Impact The Revenge.
I’ve been lobbying for Impact Saves Christmas for ages now but that’s fallen on deaf ears…


Be ready for 3 stale ■■■ maps

I’m hoping for totally new maps, getting bored of maps from previous games, played them enough back then, don’t need them now on a new game

River please and bring back the mortar so I can drop them on enemy spawn points in horde for the lols.



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Sadly 3 maps won’t help bring back the player base they need more then that

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Yeah I’m sure they know that…lol

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Conversely I want the maps to be legacy with the caveat we have only seen them once before. If it were 3 maps (hopefully more) I would not be upset at all to play:


Hopefully they add a lot more earnable content too. And no ridiculous grind for them. Doubt it tho

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