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Looking To Play Any Game Modes

(Cranky Penguins) #1

Hey there! I’ve been playing Gears for a while, but all of my friends have given up on Gears lately so I’m left to struggle along on my own. If anyone wants to play anything, add me. I’ll help with horde achievements, multiplayer, or whatever. I do prefer multiplayer, but like I said, just having people to play Gears with would be awesome. Gamertag is same as on here, Cranky Penguins

(scot81) #2

be up for horde on gears 3 if interested?

(CoolDame diddy) #3

You should go to It’s a gaming community, and I’m trying to set up the gears of war section they had again. We need 15 people to get the gears of war section again, and we only have 2 so far. It easily connects you to other players in the gow community, and we could play horde, multiplayer, and for competitive players, there could be pickup scrims, and people could create teams. It could be something great, and helpful for the community, Msg me if you want more info.

(system) #4

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