Looking to make an arcade team

Hello, I would like to start an arcade team and need 4 other players.

We will meet at a given time a few times a week and play arcade together. Once we have a full team we can work out the details and see what works for everyone.

Ok so the goal is to take arcade seriously. We will talk strategy and coordinate our loadouts while analyzing maps and game types to have a tactical plan. Mic required. For instance, having an x ray vision user be our primary initiator for a ring push, to call out number of enemies on the ring and where they are for the team.

Ultimately the idea is to have memorable matches against like mined arcade teams, otherwise we are pubstoming with a 99% win rate.

If you are interested let me know by posting here or sending me an XBL message. Once I get 4 interested players we will move forward. Thanks!

Isn’t arcade restricted to groups of 3?

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