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Looking forward to Gears 5- my 2 cents on the tech test

Although there were some serious issues on friday, once TC got the servers up and running I really enjoyed the tech test. Ive been seeing all the negative posts on here about it and honestly you people are pathetic. Why do you feel the need to heavily criticize a freaking tech test? Its unnecessary.

That being said I only have one real concern for Gears 5 on PC and that is that i really HOPE that we will not have a repeat of Gears 4 not working on Pascal Series Nvidia cards. I personally didnt have any freezing (after friday that is) but a friend of mine with the exact same GPU as mine had major game/windows hard freezing. So TC PLEASE do not let this happen again for Gears 5. Ive not been able to play Gears 4 for 2 years and its my favorite gameā€¦

As for gameplay- I really enjoyed the arcade mode. Its different but definitely a cool game type.
I LOVE that you slowed down the over all pace of movement etc. Feels closer to the original gears experience and i am ok with that.

also once bugs were fixed for the servers on friday, i played all day saturday (like 10 hours straight) with not a single issue at all. So things are looking good as for what i can see. Hope the same goes for others

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