Looking for well rounded players again

Hey my Gears brothers and sisters, So im looking for some people to play gears with myself and a friend or if so. We are tired of getting randoms who dont how to play or just purely quit because they get stomped, We want a group or more to play with here and there when we are on to play. So if you are interested in this just dm or comment on here and ill get back to you and we can see try to get it going.( Also i would like to make a certain suggestion that i prefer do when i play with people, I would to have people gold 1 and up, i say this so i know that i can get people who know how to play and are good at the game. Nothing against people below but i like to at least attempt to win and have a good time playing, rather it be just to win or just to chill and go at it, i wanna just chill and play gears and make some new gear friends yah know? So hit me up!) :video_game::video_game::video_game::video_game::video_game:

What is your rank?

Im onyx in general when i play, just trying to improve more so i can get that diamond boy.

Send me an invite whenever.

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