Looking for teammates in Horde

Found it quite frustrating playing in the public lobby. Recently I could spend over half an hour just looking for a game and it got ruined by shocks spamming sluggers or sentries spamming mechanics. It took me double to triple the times compare to Operation 8-9 to finish daily playing with randoms recently.

I really need a team that I could communicate with and know about the horde. Just don’t feel like giving up this game yet.

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Shhh! Keep your voice down or you’ll summon the wrath of our resident Blademaster Enthusiasts! I guarantee it won’t be a Ultra Relaxing experience.

I’m proud of that, yes.

Look for a title that’s says “Join if you’re not a coward!”. You’ll be fine there. It’s usually on Village, Ritual, River, Asylum and Ephyra.


Well, perhaps you are good with slugger, but most of them I encountered in the public lobby can’t kill the enemies and just leave the game when they can’t achieve something or think the match will lose without even trying.

I am as it’s not a difficult class. But to clarify, I wasn’t claiming that in any way. I was making a joke about RelaxingKoty and Ultra Gnasty who favour Blademaster and absolute despise the use of shocks for the obvious reasons.

I can also relate to what you’re saying. I’ve seen my fair share of terrible randoms doing the total opposite of what would be a proper use of their class’ abilities.


what timezone are you in and what time are you online?

Only hard thing to do in them lobby’s is finding something to kill.


The trick is to hide in the corner and play Dragon Quest at the same time.


I had to try and explain this to my coworker because I laughed too hard about it, when you know you know…

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Terrible map picks besides river. I’m also upset I dont see bunker in that rotation.

You should be thrown in the streets and pelted with rocks for such slander.

Let the people decide my fate :smiling_imp:


I’ve joined a few times! I want to up my skill so that I am as sophisticated as you guys are when you guys are not playing during my time zone!

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I hope we inspire any that has joined our lobbies.


I am based in Singapore. I could play in the morning or at night (New York: 8:30 pm-11:30 pm or 8:30-11:30 am) I don’t mind playing with 100+ ping. Shall we have a few games together?

yeah I will be online in a few hours Im down

Sadly I’ve had a similar experience of late. I’ve mostly been away from the game because several times, it quite literally took 30 minutes to find a game. One time I waited 12 minutes or so in my lobby, then I went to public matchmaking but that sat there for 5 minutes without finding a game, so I made my own. Eventually we started and because survivor was on to avoid 3x damage (weeks ago), we wiped on 12. Bad team, but it was so hard to find a team at all I couldn’t be choosy.

I love Gears still, I enjoy playing it, but between clueless n00b randoms playing way over their head and it being hard to fill a lobby, the joy is sucked out. In this game I might spend an hour for a mediocre 30 minutes of gaming whereas in another game I get my full hour.

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Oh my bad. Didn’t catch that. I have played a few times with Ultra, still learning how to play like him. Before I watched Koty’s Youtube channel, I am too terrified to play melee class except for Infiltrator. Now my favorite is Blademaster :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Would you like to play a few games with me? @GB6_Kazuya

Talking smack about the maps ewww bunker.


I totally feel you, I have been away for a while also and trying to play other games. I will still turn on the Gears and play one to two games of Horde. It sucked me back in the end :rofl: that’s why I have this post.