Looking for Teamates on Xbox

The online console community isn’t what it used to be. It is very hard to find people who actually communicate and want to talk in game although it would make them much better players and give more wins. It’s almost infuriating to hop in Ranked and NO ONE talks. I’ve managed to meet 2 people but they’re very unreliable. I don’t have friends who play this and the one who does has PC and just plays borderlands.
I’m not super great at this game but I’m getting better and feel like it will be a much more fun game if I had someone to play with. Let me know and we can exchange gamertags. Thanks ya’ll.
By the way, this is mostly for versus but I’m down for other game modes as well. I just jumped into horde and no one is talking in that either. Really really sad. What an absolute bore.

Mrflankys707 add me

You can try using the text chat function had more luck with that to get people to say something, but I’m not really a talker myself so aside from the basic like getting a Weapons Locker I make like Depeche Mode and enjoy the silence personally, still text chat maybe you’ll have some luck there or there’s also looking for group include mic’s required or make custom rooms and ask for mics might have better luck that way too.

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