Looking for team mates west coast guardian

I feel im really good at gaurdian, i need a squad thats looking for that occasional 5th player, im tired of playing by myself with scrubs, my tag is “telekinetix”

Well if you’re really that good like you claim to be, it shouldn’t matter who you play with. :sunglasses:


I always do well for myself but as every one knows a team of 5 people partied up competing against a group of randoms has an extreme advantage, such as communication and strategy, a team of randoms will always be unorganized and youll keep running into players who are more concerned about their personal stats than winning the game, if you are on the forums its safe to say youve been playing gears for a while and you should know these facts very well, they also attribute to every game not just this one, i do have a few groups i play with and i alwsys do better when playing with them but i am on the west coast all of them are either mexico or east coast, id prefer to play with a group that is less laggy, to add your comment is not helpful in any way, in fact its completely pointless,