Looking for Rockstar energy codes

So the town I live in I’ve checked every gas station, Walmart, and Kroger and none of them carry the gears of war edition rockstars. Would be sick if someone has extra codes to hook me up. \m/

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Do you have Circle K by you?

Walmart will give you the bonus code even if it is not a G5 can. Also gives you a standard pack. I got everything except Circle K off Walmart codes before I ever found a G5 can.


I have plenty extra cans G5 and a ton of the WM code. I am looking to get the Circle K Del Lancer.

I also have 3 full sets of all 6 US cans/designs i plan not to open.

I would love to Talk to some in the UK that has the UK designs un-opened.


I am open to trades, but that is not allowed on this forum. Send me an offer via XBL.

That would be awesome if you wouldn’t mind hooking me up, No store around me carries them.

Im selling some on ebay right now

Del Lancer
Swarm Lancer
Lancer 4 Pack


Regular rockstar cans at walmart will give you codes on your reciept.

Alot cheaper than buying from scalpers.

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Yes. Sell them for more than $3 each is pretty shady.
I have some extra codes. I also have both Walmart and Circle K within a block of my workplace. I can get more.
I am open to deals for now, but I will just give them away later.

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You can get the wallmart and circle k skins off any can doesn’t matter where you get the cans from its got to be the 7th and 8th can, I got them and I do not have a circle k or wallmart where I am