Looking for retired or casual mature gamers

I see a lot of people looking for players. So here I am. I like bounties and achievements. Looking to form a group that is mature enough to hear swearing along with Marcus, Cole and company. I have tried the official groups but even those are at 0 players most of the time. I’m EST but play all hours. I don’t mind being the Engineer or Scout (passive player). Please friend and take an invite if you get one and don’t forget to invite, too. Mic or no mic but we have to be on the same page for achievement requirement. Let’s help each other out!


join trueachievements.com you will find much help from people there

The information obtaining the achievements and how to play is there but still difficult to find specific types of gamers that are available.

if u want to complete achievements like co-op campaign or horde you will find a lot of help there in sessions. there are many players that want to complete these achievements too. if u want to find partner for ranked matches it is true you wont find much help there.

I would try The Official Gears of War Club on the Xbox itself, it’s very active when it comes to people looking for others to play Gears with.

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What achievements do you need help with? I am an achievement hunter myself lol, still have a couple that I need. Also play a lot of ranked!

In the official club you find players looking for achievements

The achievements that require teams of 5 for specific roles such as 5 of the same, one of each, etc. I really would like to establish a large group so that regardless of the time of day there would be people playing. I miss the “clan” days I had in Halo. As I said before in the original post, I didn’t get into the ranked and really not good at those. I am not trying to get every achievement. Its more about establishing that friend base again. I don’t want to rely on the public for G5.

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I feel ya, it’s hard to get a committed set of people

Make your own LFG post on the Xbox home tab under Gears 4. It is imperative that you emphasize all tags that says casual, all player welcome, achievement hunting, etc etc and put in the description what you wrote here in the OP. I promise you will find alot of people fast. Then when you get enough of those interested, make a party chat and invite them, set it all up, etc etc you know.

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I don’t see where but I’ve got an invite from my old clansite and they have their own server so maybe if I’m lucky, will finally find good regular players.

Added you looking for same.

Add me, always looking for a group to play horde with on evenings.

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