Looking for ranked players competitive skill but casual attitudes

Hey everyone with TOD2 dropping this week my buddy and I are looking for players. Ranked solo que or duo que has been a big frustration and let down.

We usually rank gold but I like to believe our skill level is higher if we had a solid team.

We communicate, we rotate, we call out.
We don’t get too stressed and we love the game.

If anyone is looking to form a group or needs players message me!

You can add me if you want. I’ve been Masters in Guardian and Diamond 1 in KOTH.

I normally play solo or with one other person, but it never hurts to make more friends who play the game.

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Awesome I’ll add you tonight!

I’m a solo gold player, could use a team here and there. I usually play weekdays anywhere from 6-10 pm est.

I feel like I play better without being in a party though. If we get a really tough match up I’ll plug in my mic and join the party though…

Feel free to add me if y’all need someone else. I’m always in need of someone to play gears with.

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