Looking for (positive vibes!) teammates for multiplayer (horde, escalation and competitive)

Whatsup my felllllow grub killers!

I have been playing since 2006 with the usual stops in between.
Switched to ps4 around 2014 and just missed gears so much i came back last year with 4 and now hyped up with 5!
I really want to meet social gears players to just team up and have some fun.
Anyone interested?
I speak dutch and english.

Gamertag = IRB Karmine!

Mod edit: Please post in English. Excuse me? Is there a reason I am only allowed to speak English on the forums? It’s not like I’m sharing nuke codes. I don’t think you guys can restrict the language I’m speaking.

Mod edit: Please post in English as per the forum rules. Thank you.

TC clearly states that the forums are English only, presumably because the moderators (myself included) wouldn’t be able to mdoerate in non native languages.

Hey are you looking only for people with mics? I’m on PC and I type to chat. Horde purist here.

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PC is fine, i have discord too. Im not a pro in horde so would be happy if u guide me through it. We can hunt some medals too!
Whats your discord?