Looking for people to play with? People to chat with about gears? Join our discord server!

We currently have the honour of having such high profile members such as @ll_R_E_D_l, @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l and the prestigious moderator @GhostofDelta2 as members on our server.

Wherever you’re looking for people to play versus, horde or escape with, or just want to hang out and chat about Gears, all are welcome.

We’re a small server currently, but that has an upside of having higher quality content.

Hope to see you there :+1:


Wait, Essence is there?
Pffft. I’m out :joy:


Errrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m not on Discord though lol. Too much of a boomer for that sh*t :rofl:


Yeah. I already asked you to join mine, and you was like “Nah!”

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For the same reason. Never used it, never had the need to. Wouldn’t even know where to start and I’ll feel even more like a boomer when I’ll have to search for a discord tutorial on YT lmao. :rofl:


Pffft. Didn’t even want you anyways.
Smh old people


Smh young, not 06 people…


You’re right! I must have imagined that such a prestigious member of the community such as yourself would join our humble server :unamused:



I’ll be there in spirit. :grin:


It’s not the worst thing in the world. I had to get one to coordinate our actors for our Youtube channel, and I’ve joined a couple servers since.

I still feel dumb sometimes because I don’t know entirely how it works, but it’s not that different from a forum. Just live.

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If @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l is in, it’s a hard pass for me.


Out of curiosity, what’s your channel and what do you do exactly?

Thanks for asking dude.

It’s a dumb comedy channel. Our main thing that we started with is an abridged parody of Gundam Wing. I rewrite the show, our actors impersonate the voices, and we retell it as a comedy that stays true to the source material but makes fun of it at the same time because the concept is absurd. But we’ve also started MST3K-style riffs and some other parody ideas.

We’re growing but still small, hovering under 9000 subs. But it’s been an exciting hobby despite the time commitment. I’m kind of glad I’m not addicted to Gears 5 because it leaves more time to focus on video editing lol.

You’re a well-spoken dude from what I can tell in the forums and you’re a fellow Gearhead. Giving your channel a shot is the least I can do. :blush:

I already know Imma love it. Send me the name of the channel so that I can give it a watch please.

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Hey thanks, so are you. I look forward to every post when I see Morty puking rainbows.

Operation Meatier/OPMeat.


That kind of Boomer?


I was '08! But then again I started playing at ten years old…

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“Mission compleeeeeeeete” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just saw the first episode of MSA: GW. Funny sh*t my dude! You got yourselves a new fan.

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Boi I just finished collecting sets of 08th MS Team and G Gundam. I’ll check the channel out, I love riff tracks and abridge dubs.

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Is there room for me???