Looking for people to play horde on Gears 4

Are there any people still playing horde on Gears 4 ?
I’ve been struggling to find matches, would like to add people who still play to try sometime…
Feel free to add me !!!


Try the looking for group feature on Xbox if you get no luck here.

I think Bentron is still around on Gears 4.

Must be lost after the defeat of Megatron.

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With op 8 coming to an end, I am definitely not gonna be playing Gears 5 as I am done with grinding anymore medals moving forward.

I am definitely keen to speedrun horde on 4 to complete the rest of my wings despite having all achievements done so if we have a group going, I am down to run some over the weekend. I usually run sniper class btw.

For quality of life, I wish Coalition can just add custom horde lobbies and allow players to jump in and out of matches even in match making.

I can’t tag Michael cause this post will get banned and unseen. But I hope you see this.

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Why would it get banned?

Was told to never tag staff.

Lol, REALLY???

HAHAHAHA… Of course we shouldnt tag staff… Cuz, you know, then they wouldnt have plausable deniability , lol…

This gets better and better by the moment…

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Done with my Gears 5, I’d be down to try some Gears 4.

I’m not maxed out on anything, barely reup 3. Wouldn’t be able to help (consistently) on Insane or Incon unless carried in some way

TheWickerMan972 in case you want someone.

I still need to get round to doing the remaining horde achievements. I need Hardcore Ironman and Incon as well as those three play the match in a certain way achievements. Going back to 4’s horde has got to be weird though.

I would be game to play some GoW4 Horde… Imagine, a chainsaw that actually WORKS, and a Dropshot that actually kills with headshots :grin:

Man, i had so many long range guardian Dropshot kills :grin::grin::grin:

I suspect the Fab levels thing would be super annoying now, for barriers…

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