Looking for people to play gears with

Hello people.

I’m a 40 years old family man from London Uk. And I’m looking for people to play gears with. Don’t mind playing with randoms, but it would be nice to play with some regular people who don’t mind things like wall bounce practice, pvp etc. I’m an easy going person who doesn’t take the game too seriously, it’s just a game ( plus I’m not that great lol)
I’m on most evenings and weekends, but sometimes the kids can put a stop to that lol.
My gamer tag is BO55 KRAB add me and send me a message if pos. just so I’m not like who’s this😅

yo bo55 krab im down to play pvp tdm ranked if you ever want to group up im from uk [coventry] similiar way of thinking not to serious i dont mind losing if it was a good game just not keen on when teammates are just stood in spawn afk or trolling , on most evenings to my gamertag is xJ GRIMREAPERx send me a message if you wanna play bud. will be on after 6.30 most nights, it may say my name is xJ DEATHx thats right also.

Yep I’d keen for co-op on hard

Add me I’m down. All I do is custom FFA and competitive TDM online.

Hey guys

A little late to the party I know, but I’m in a similar situation, my gamer tag is Vive le daws, look me up if interested.


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