Looking for people on PC or Xbox that play gears pretty steadily and play competitive

I am a gears vet and have been playing since gears 1. I grew up on this game and love it. I currently have one friend that plays it as I do and we are looking for more people to play, gears 4 and eventually gears 5. You can add me on Xbox, my Gamertag there is Efnishkenber and if you’re on PC you can add me on discord. My discord handle is EfnishkenBerg #5675. We play all game modes but mostly KOTH and execution but we both know our way with the gnasher and I know how to cross with the lancer. Thanks, have a nice day!

We have a few active Discords server with most of the best PC players out there. Goes without saying that there are highly competitive pickup games and ranked games in them.

The one that I’m most active in is here: https://discord.gg/G5druF

Add me on Xbox: Omega Doze

Mrflankys707 add me

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