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Looking for people for Horde

Hello everybody! I’m looking for people to play horde with. Random people I play with keep dropping out. Hit me up if interested.

Try the Looking for Group feature. It’s packed with people that feel the same way.

Time zone and difficulty?

Thanks for the info

I don’t have much luck with the LFG posts as they tend to demand maxed cards but I play Horde most Sunday nights (CST/CDT) with a couple of friends. We try our best but I can’t say we’re all that amazing at it. Send me a message on XBL if you’re okay with a few chill, mic-equipped players who are arguably only marginally good at Horde.

I need to complete a lot of the Horde achievements still. I’m only around 8pm - 11 pm Pacific on weeknights. Friday and Saturday are more free generally. Have maxed my green cards but not most of the others. Levels 9 or 10 on most of the classes.

Im on most nights once the kids are in bed after 9pm uk time, im up for a few games of horde just play for fun my gamertag is Govan Gamer

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