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Looking For PC Players To Team Up With

(III EnVii III) #1

As I’m back into Gears 4 PC, I was looking to add some PC friends.

I am from the UK, have a mic and mainly play KOTH & 2v2.

Ranked Onyx 3 & Diamond 1 respectively, so looking for similarly ranked players.

Doesn’t seem to let me post in the “Wanna Play” section, hence why under Gears 4.

Feel free to message, add or post here :+1:


(waterflame116) #2

Look for AngryFPSGamer on twitch, he always plays with a squad, I used to be a part of his regular squad for months until I quit.

(III EnVii III) #3

Aha I’m sure he gets a lot of messages from people due to him being on Twitch/YouTube I don’t think I have a chance :joy:

(sancris777) #4

I would play but Gears literally doesn’t run on my desktop anymore so i uninstalled it

(III EnVii III) #5

Aw :disappointed_relieved:

Sucks so many people have issues with this :-1:

(III EnVii III) #6



Let me know if you or anyone else fancies teaming up.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #7

Sure thing. I’m in the western US but I’m a night owl and make my own schedule so I’m often on when UK players are on.
I’ve barely played KOTH this season so I think I’m only Onyx1 but I can hang in just about any lobby. No interest in Boxes but any other mode is cool.

I use a mic and am constantly making callouts. Will never rage at teammates (the connections maybe, but not teammates) and will only play with people who are respectful toward each other. I really don’t care if someone is good at Gears or not. I play to hang out with people and have fun.

My phone is still logged into this acct from months ago but add “Al Bundy 33hero” as that’s the one my pc is logged into and the one I play Gears with.

(Krylon Blue) #8

Are you my twin?

And wow, I had no idea I’ve had you on my friends list for a while now, lol.

(III EnVii III) #9

Playing on West Coast servers (150ms ping for me) can be challenging but I’ll try it for sure :+1:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #10

Bro, you serious? Lol. I’ve been referring to conversations we had and didn’t even realize you didn’t know it was me. Lol. :smile:
I had to log into Meow because I was getting harassed by people on here and a couple guys were even reporting my main acct via Xbox because they didn’t like things I said on the forum.

(Krylon Blue) #11

Lol, I’m serious. I have been on these forums so many times I guess I didn’t piece it together due to the sheer amount of nonsense here, lol.

I actually could care less if people report me for my comments. In the past it was a pain but now that you don’t get penalized from matchmaking it’s no big deal. Besides, it’s not like the majority of those that I rant against understand English anyways. :joy:

(III EnVii III) #12

Damn, so sad to see few people playing on PC :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully find a few more people to team up with :v:

(MondoMaddness) #13

Can add me if you want. I play koth and tdm and onyx 2 and 3. Only play on weekdays late mornings n early afternoons. Would play other times but then my wife would then throw my PC down the compactor.

(III EnVii III) #14

Ok cool,

What region are you?

(MondoMaddness) #15

US east.

(III EnVii III) #16

Cool, I’ll add you now :blush:

(MondoMaddness) #17

Added you also…seems thou you added mondomadness instead of me lol

(III EnVii III) #18

Haha ok,

I’ll add the right now

(system) #19

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