Looking for non meta horde players

Title says it all. I am just looking for other players who just want to level up some characters. If this thread needs to go somewhere else, let me know!

Your thread isn’t totally clear. You say you’re looking for non-meta Horde players - presumably you want to try out different character combinations (i.e.: not just the usual JD, JACK, Del, Kait), but then you refer to levelling characters up.

Which is it? Or both?

My advice, is to play Escape to level up the characters who can be played in that - which is the majority of them. It puts you in a better position to have strong characters going into Horde.

The only characters who can’t be played in Escape are Kait, Del, JD, JACK and Fahz - most of the “meta Horde characters”. Everyone else you can level up in Escape.


Yeah but its hard to find a good group in escape. At least in my experience. I am really just look for a laid back group of people to play with and not worry about what’s optimal.

Some Hives are pretty easy for grinding out cards, and there are fairly regular lobbies in the custom lobbies section. You don’t need strong teams necessarily, just a basic-moderate idea of how Escape works.

The Clock is the easiest Hive to play and alot of people grind this on Insane or Incenceivable. A number of players have mastered this solo (including msyelf), but as a group it’s very easy. There’s plenty of strong weapons and relatively few enemies to fight compared to other Hives.

The Surge is another easy one to play as a group and is super quick up to Insane difficulty. It relies a bit more on luck and is ideally played up to Insane (Inconceivable is harder due to the combination of mutators), but there’s a route you can sprint through it. Ideally you have one player whose character has some kind of defence or health buff because you will take damage during your run.

Honestly, I often see lots of lobbies focused on these two Hives on a daily basis. Worth checking out!

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Thanks I will definitely try that! I always play on the playlists and never go to customs🤷‍♂️

If you’re unfamiliar with specific Hives, just play on beginner to get a feel of it - where to go, where the supply rooms are, what weapons they contain, enemy spawn combinations etc.

The only way a Hive throws in changes to any of the above factors, is if a mutator adds extra enemies (e.g.: some Hives will have mutators which add Scions, extra Drone-size enemies, Juvies etc). Other than that, everything about the Hive is the same regardless of difficulty - so if you go to Supply Room A and it contains a Lancer and Frag Grenades, this supply room will always contain those same items on all playthroughs (although the items may spawn in different parts of that room).

The enemies are based on preset combinations - each Hive usually has 2-3 combinations and one of the presets is randomly chosen as the game loads. So using the Clock as an example, the first encounter features one of three possible combinations (1) 5 Juvies and 6 Rejects; (2) 3 Elite Drones and 1 Buzzsaw Scion; or (3) 3 Elite Drones and 2 Eliter Grenadiers. The final section of The Clock features one of two possible combos (i) Rejects, Buzzsaw Scions and Salvo Scions; or (iii) Elite Drones and Grenadiers; and Buzzsaw Scions.

Once you learn these, you can react and adapt better.

Alot of experienced Escape players play new Hives on a low difficulty to unlock harder mutators and to familiarise themselves with it, and them jump in to Master straight away. I’ve mastered several maps by doing this. Research and preparation really helps!


See I thought the hives were random so that’s good to know. I basically have been grinding horde mode so I’m guessing you can sort of do the same thing with custom lobbies?

So you also looking for a JD who refuses to use Boomshot, Freedom Lancer and Death from Above!? :upside_down_face:


Lol I would prefer if they did but anyone can play however they want :upside_down_face:


I don’t use boomshot or death from above when I JD, the boom jus cause it’s fairly poo these days, sure it has uses like shields but I still prefer to keep a gnasher on hand and death from above cause I jus keep forgetting it exists lol

That and you really jus don’t need anything other than the freedom lancer 99% of the time lol


For me death from a above only works percent of the time. I’m guessing its bugged?

You have to mark your targets for it to work.


Thank you for letting me know. That’s probably my issue then.

Jack briefly zapping a ton of enemies can also cause them to be marked, which has an added benefit if you want to be able to have your ultimate hit a ton of enemies at once :slight_smile:

That only works with the Spotter Support skill for the ult on.


No, but it may be possible with Level 10 Cooldown.

Yeah I always run the freedom lancer with jd


Yeah I nearly never run the Freedom Lancer with JD.

Okay… The highest difficulty that I play is “sane” Insane (Insane without more Health and more Damage). :grin:

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The reason I use the freedom lancer is for the screeching rocket sound…yes I am lame haha.