Looking for new friends

Hey all,

So I’ve never used this sub before and it doesn’t seem to be very active so I’m hoping I’m not shooting in the dark here. I’m not the greatest Gears player, but I’d say I’m at least decent and can make some solid plays. I love the series, but I just haven’t devoted much free time to it the past couple years ever since I got into SMITE. I dropped the game after 3+ years of playing competitively as it was getting unhealthy.

Well, here I am and I miss this. I tried getting into it again last week and man it’s been a while. I’m getting smacked like every game and it feels like I’ve never played the game before. And I know that the population is basically down to the Gears hardcore, problem is, I’m playing with randoms and I’m not able to learn the game going up against all these premades. I want to get into this game again but the problem is most of my friends list is on either Fortnite or Smite lol.

If you’re willing to give me a shot and play a couple rounds regularly feel free to hit me up. If you have any questions or whatever you can ask them below, or in my DM’s, or through Xbox.


GT: Gotham Rises

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I would love to play with you. I’ll add you in the morning.

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