Looking for group

So Gears is one of my favorite franchises ever, I honestly can’t wait for gears 5. I don’t have many friends who play gears anymore, so I am looking for a group/clan or something to play gears with just to have fun and enjoy the game as multiplayer now is very team related and playing versus by yourself isn’t really fun. So if there is any groups out there hit me up my gamertag is STORMBLADE 700 I’d definitely like to be apart of a group who loves gears as much as I do.


you can give these guys a look over ,dont know if its what your looking for tho

we have a twitter ,and a Gears pop crew and maybe soon a instagram page

Added. See you on the battlefield


Alright cool I’ll take a look

Where are you from? When do you play? How old are you?

I’m east coast us and have two friends I play with. One is east coast too, the other mountain time in Canada. I play almost every night from like 9pm to 10pm, but I’m 37 with two kids, and my friends are similar, so we aren’t try hards who care about being amazing. We want to win but mostly it’s about hanging out.

I am from Ireland and I could play from 9 to about midnight my time, which would be 4est to 7est so I don’t think our time zones would work unfortunately but thanks for responding.

Yeah def won’t work. I’m busy with work and my kids at those times. Good luck friend!

What’s your gamertag I haven’t seen any notification that you added me