Looking for...friends?

Hey guys as sad as this post sounds, just trying to find some competitive players to play with on gears 5 release. All my buddies I used to play gears 2 and 3 with back in high school don’t really play anymore. I’ve pretty much been a solo player on gears 4. I’ve been diamond mutiple seasons on 4. I play on Xbox and I typically play tdm, guardian, dodgeball solo but wouldn’t be opposed to playing KOTH or execution with a team. Got to diamond 3 on KOTH during second week of the tech test on 5 during the small amount of time I played. Add me if you guys want, I’ll be on 4 until 5 comes out, thanks!


This thing Xbox made called “Looking for Group” and “Clubs”…I don’t know what it’s for. But ik it’s there…

Haha I have been building a new group as well. Shoot me a follow on Xbox