Looking for Diamond level players

After a year-long ban (a cowardly parting gift from PezRadar) I’m finally able to post on here to potentially reach what is left of the dying Gears community. I’m looking for reliable Diamond level players interested in KOTH or Escalation.

LMAO out of curiousity, what did you get banned for?

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Pointing out the huge disconnect that the old community manager had with us back then. Would go weeks without anything from him. Octus is doing a much better job. It was a weak childish last act before he left the company. No big deal, everything I ever posted about eventually made it into a patch anyway. Unfortunately, the game is dead (at least at the higher tiers) and I have no interest in horde. Hopefully they learn and improve for Gears 5.

Mainly a KOTH player. Add me if you like trying to get 5 diamonds for the new scion.

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