Looking for Competitive/pro player to play ranked KOTH

Hello everyone. I’m a old pro/semipro player from gears 1/2 (I played 3,4 and spin offs as well but not at pro level). I am a decent /quite good player (not expect I am godlike just good) and I am looking for players at mine or superior level (so I can learn more, I am always willing) to play competitive, ranked KOTH matches and finally reach the master level, as by myself I only managed to get the diamond II, now even downgraded to onyx 2 as it is very difficult to find the right teammates, and so I need some very good players to team up with.

I would be very pleased if you could add me
My gamertag is


Add me without commitment, you might not like me and decide to play with someone else, I understand. Also I don’t have a mic, I can only text butvyou can talk to me I follow

Why did you make a new thread? There are already two of which people are looking for people to play ranked and you even responded there.

I’m a old pro/semipro player from gears 1/2

People lie about the weirdest things. What was your gt in Gow2?

I decided to open a new thread as I thought it was more of a personal, I haven’t seen anything wrong with it

My tag was exactly the same I have now. I haven’t changed it since then

Idk why people say they were pro/semi in gow1/2.

Well it is what I were. To let you understand my level. People may not like playing with people at a lower level

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