Looking for a team to play competitively

Hey guys. I’m looking to join/form a team for Gears of War 5. Always being told i should join a team and play competitively so I am looking for people to join or who are willing to form a team to play competitively. We can start on Gears 4 now and then move over to Gears 5 when it comes.

I am a very experienced player and think i can compete with any team .

Drop me a message or reply to this post.


thebigcheese V2.

Look forward to hearing from you :smile:

I mean I’m rusty and only ranking in silver when I solo que buuuuut if you end up needing people just to play with drop me a line. Super team oriented and trying to get back up to par like I used to be in prep for 5.

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Hey, yeah sounds good, someone else hit me up yesterday. Send me a friend request on xbox one.

thebigcheese V2

Speak soon.

Looking for a clan
10000 plus ranked wins
D4 every season
Great at wallbouncing and team strategies

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