Looking for a team to join or to start one, anyone interested?

Been playing since the first game but took a bit of a long break between judgement and 4&5 (got them together) so I need to work out a bit of the rust but I’m fairly skilled still and am highly motivated with a nice chunk of free time to practice. A bit about myself I’m non toxic and don’t care for people that are, pretty funny if you get to know me well enough, and I’m big on teamwork and supporting each other so if anyone likes what they’ve read so far please get back to me at your soonest convenience. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Nice you looking for a ranked team?

Try LFG that might help posting there. Most want onyx and up ranks so may want to get that 1st.

Am I the only one that thinks it funny that ppl could ask for a high enough rank to join their team whilst not having said team gimps your ranking potential

I hate catch22s lol


sorry Saber i am not following.

You mean like a group to just enjoy the game with or a ranked team?

Jus saying it’ll be FAR easier for someone to hit onyx WITH a team than to battle solo to make onyx to make the team

Well I wasn’t expecting to get on a pro team right off honestly I definitely don’t mind practicing with whoever that doesn’t meet those qualifications I’m just looking for people that are driven and also hoping to enter the qualifiers for the e sports league soon so hope that answers it for you outlaw

Isn’t the e-sports scene for gears currently on life support?

can you send me a link to that please?

Only from what I’ve read here, I’ll try find the thread 4ya tho bro sure

Not sure honestly I just found out about it this month and got very excited and also thank you for looking, I appreciate it!

Not read most of it, and it’s now locked lol, go figure but jus from the title looks bad

this is potentially total misinformation from my part, dig deeper is all I can recommend

really…i had a team they ask me to play but the are onxy already and golds.

I get destroyed cause when we stack the match is pulling in Diamonds and master . you think they could at least givem one freaking silver lol.

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sorry i miss understood your post.

I feel the pain mate, I’ve always played gears casually whilst stoned, really rather competitavly still while I can but I’ve faced diamonds and man oh man, can I NOT face diamonds lol

I’m jus not that sweaty anymore

Not even close :joy:

Hey red was hoping I could get a link to lfg if it isn’t too much trouble please