Looking for a Good Group to

I just recently started on the Gears 5 grind (4 days ago) so I’m looking to find some people to run with. I’d like to consider myself above average, but I haven’t hopped into ranked yet so I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m West Coast (Nevada) but can connect quite well to East Coast. My GT is the same name on here. Oh, also should mention I’ve been playing since Gears 1 and currently only on PC. (P.S If you remember the names Praxis, Psyopus, or Psychosis from GoW 1, that’s who mentored me.)

Heyo, I think you’d be a good fit for our gaming community, Full Control. We’re all PC gamers, mostly NA, and we’re super friendly :slight_smile:

Jump on our discord and tag me and I can get you set up

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