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Looking for 2 people to unlock achievement: "I've killed things,seen places"


(its ZERO POWER) #1

doesnt matter level, just do your part and thats perfect (we;re staring with gridlock) (difficuly is casual so we do it witohut problems, and btw i have level 6 cards so this will be a breeze)

(GHO5TS3C) #2

I have 4 maps left, if u have a second controller just do it split screen, all my cards and classes are maxed, I use soldier with level 6 hammer for boss waves on outside maps, inside maps I use scout. Use the second player on outside maps as scout with pickup bonus and leave last guy alive. Pickup all the power with ur secondary controller I had over 250k power by round 45. This is easiest way if u can’t find ppl.

(its ZERO POWER) #3

Pretty good advise, the only problem is that in pc there is no splits creen which really sticks, since I haven’t been able to find players :confused:

(firey5) #4

I can help if you want to add me. All my cards are max so that won’t be an issue. You probably already know the first 2 requirements… you need at least 2 players and you can’t lag out. The 3rd requirement is what most players are unaware of that is locking them out of the achievement: It will not give you credit for completing the map if you have killed yourself in the beginning for extra money. Even if you get the 50 wave bounty and the consecutive wave bonus, somehow killing yourself in the beginning voids the map towards the achievement.