Looking for 1 person for daily escape/horde


I am looking for 1 person with the skill and cards to complete the daily/weekly escapes and daily horde (some of the time) with minimum restarts and headaches. We will only play until we have exhausted the double skill cards reward. We will play on inconceivable, unless it is an easy hive like the clock which can easily be done on master.

Please, you have to know what you are doing and pull your weight.

I am on the East Coast and am usually online after 5-6pm on most days.

I already have 1 person with me, so hopefully the 3 of us can get a routine going and get lots of xp and skill cards with minimum effort.

Hey there,

If looking for Horde Daily help, ill be glad to help out. Just add my me, my GT is the same as it is here.


Imma be hopping on today

Well its about damn time lol.

Cool hope to see you on. :slight_smile:

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Off all day too, it’s my gears day! Well after I change the litter box, then my woman has no power over me, for my soul is forever in the fight for humanity!!!

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To be fair, there’s probably lots of lurkers who read but don’t post. I’ve had many people recognise me in public lobbies whose names I don’t recognise and have never spoken to before. You’d be amazed by the number of people who look for a carry! :sunglasses:

This is not a 1 time request, I want the 3 of us to be playing almost daily for the next few months