Looking at the dizzy concept art I see him holding 2 boltok pistols, so this sparks ny interest, why not have dual wield blind pistols fire

You know this would be dope and it would actually make a point to going out of the way to pick up the talon, that gun is so pointless their is litterally no ensentive in picking that weapon up, its trash id rather use a snub


plot twist Dizzy is related to Arthur Morgan

How in the hell would u aim them

Imagine not being able to use the Talon properly. Easily the best sidearm in the game.

Did they change the talon

Don’t think so.

The same way you did with the Armored Kantus in Gears 3, I’d assume.


Also, that could be a decent Ultimate. Pull out the double Boltoks and just go to town.


Very much agreed

Oh man,

Boondock Saints anyone? Wyatt ■■■■■■■ Urp lol.

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While I disagree on the Talon …


This game is STARVING for new good stuff.
Basically all of the good stuff of this operation is old.
Regency and Exchangeable Class System are very good and welcome news but this game
needs more .

Dual wield pls!

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That could be a good idea!! New class incoming!! Dual wield hand gun master!! Gets bleed on using pistols an bigger active reload window with health buffers!! Maybe!!

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Same way you aim in golden gun

“We have ourselves a cowboy…”

You made my day.

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Could have it as a execution for the boltok ? …it’s not enough overkill with just one hahaha

Well it could have different skill cards for all 3 different pistols!! Screw it while we are it just bring back the gorgon!! Lol