Look sensitivity

Does anyone else feel like the look and aim sensitivity does not work fluidly? even after you adjust the setting?


I have been adjusting for a long while and still cant get it as fast as I need even at max

I need my fast wallbounces and flicks back

I’m in the same boat its like the look and aim have a lag

Try comparing sp to mp. If it’s mostly noticeable in mp, it may be more due to ping than the control coding itself.

Yeah same here.

Got my settings at 29, 29, 29,
Aim acceleration at 9
Inner and outer Dead zones at 7,
And it feels slow like I can not get my character to turn quick enough .

In G4 my settings were not this high and the game feels smother and faster.

Try turning your inner dead zone down to maybe 3-4. Anything lower and you will start to develop drift. But they definitely turned down the overall speed of the game. Turning, looking and even wall bouncing are all slower from Gears 4 to Gears 5

Look sensitivity feels funky for sure at times, feels like I have deadzones.

Locomotion just way off.

Gears relies heavily on turn (aim) acceleration. It’s high by default. This makes turning non-linear and it speeds up the longer you turn. Even turning this down by one tick can change the feel a lot.