Long waiting time in ranked Guardian

OK so I’m currently in a Guardian lobby looking to get the last 10 stars for my ToD.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a UK player and it’s 4:45am, or if no one is playing Guardian rn (don’t think we’ve lost that many players) or because I’m unranked but this is currently what the wait time is at.

This wait time is just silly. All I need is 1 win for the Diversified medal.

Im in the u.s. and i have the same issue around that time of day as well. It has to be the lack of players

That’s stupid. 8 weeks in and can’t even play a ranked match.

Well here is an update on the current time

If it gets to 60 then there is seriously something wrong

Finally found a match at 39 mins. And then I get this…

IMG_2f37f969-c5b9-4707-a391-f49b097ea6a6 IMG_7f0d7073-9a3c-407b-b2f4-5c1a31e2c4fe

Nearly an hour wait and I still get a lobbby with a ping of 100+ the whole game. I’d upload some clips but they don’t mean squat. Could hardly play the whole time

It’s a combination of not many people playing and yes, UK has problems with MP as well.

If the matchmaking time goes over 5 minutes, it should look for a game on the next closest region/server until you find a game.

Playing in the EU is miserable right now.

Well since the last update they broken their own ranked medals. You can get them in classic quick play now. I’ve just gone to there for the wins

It’s a EU issue unfortunately. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes.

Well hopefully when we leave the EU it’ll get better. The main reason I voted for brexit :joy::joy::rofl:

Lol. Hopefully these new updates from yesterday’s What’s Up help improve your matchmaking times.

Let’s hope. Only went into ranked for the medals. My old time buddy doesn’t play much and I can’t play ranked with just anyone

They didn’t for me last night, unfortunately.

Hopefully they keep tuning it

IMG_9fea8bec-dc94-4459-b825-9bd1a833b134 see. Now I’m up to 7 wins. And that was only from playing the last few hours

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. What do wins have to do with wait times?

Are you saying you’re finding games easy now that it’s during the day, rather than early morning?

Sorry, thought when you said “they didn’t for me last night” you were referring to the medals being enable in quickplay.

I haven’t gone back into ranked since that match

Ah :+1:

Thanks for clearing that up