Long Time Players Disappointment With the New Game

Gears of War has always been my favorite game/series since I was introduced at a young age. Gears of War 1-2 had great villains in RAAM and Skorge and provided a dark creepy atmosphere that intensified my love for the game. When it came to the multiplayer (obviously) it was single platform and everyone played equally so, with an xbox controller. In gears of war 2 and 3 characters and skins were un-lockable. Through Campaign, revives, kills, headshots, re-ups, etc. The maps were exquisite and all had their own fun aspects that made players really enjoy them. In Gears of War 4 they introduced store bought skins ie. Black Steel and ESports skins which were cool. But they also had F2P un-lockable skins with tiers that came from events and packs. The RNG was a great new aspect for them and us. Sure you were bummed if you opened 25+ packs and couldn’t pull the new event skin you wanted, but that was the beauty of the game and I throughly enjoyed it personally.
Now, after talking about all the things I have absolutely loved over the years I would like to take this thread to a new topic… what I really can’t stand about the new game. Firstly, you have become mainstream with the skins and the store. Why must we spend money on every skin we like? If you’re going to make us do that at least come out with something better than what you gave us so far. Second, your ranking systems are horrible. Why am I getting paired up with straight potatoes when I am Onyx? I thought that all you had to do from Gears 4 to make it better was fix the ranked multiplayer for your diehard fans but instead you’ve not only made it worse but now you have forced many of your loyal supporters to almost resent your new game after all these years. Thirdly, your new maps are God-awful. PERIOD. They are small they are quite similar to each other and they have been overplayed already. You’re telling me you’ve had all this time to make a new Game and this is what you’ve released so far? C’mon man… Granted maybe you are sitting back taking in some of the feedback from your followers and are working on a major patch. If so good for you. But as for right now I feel as though I speak for many in the high community by saying stay true to yourself! Gears of War has always ben unique! Please don’t become mainstream!


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Well said… gears of war is my fav game period from 1 to 4
Everyone that played gears of war was a noob first. You get your butt handed to you many times over learning the game . I was hooked the learning curve was hard but very rewarding . Now…aim assist ?
This is the first gears game that i don’t fire up first thing when i get home. Not sure how Tc can save this one.
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Okay since posting this I’ve become far more dissappointed with this game. Y’all have officially ruined this game for me so glad I bought the regular pre-order and didn’t waste money on the ultimate pack