Long Time Fan Alienated

So, just wanted to post on here that I have been a fan of the game for a long time. When I was a kid my family was too poor to afford a 360 when they came out so I didn’t start playing gears until the second game came out. I instantly fell in love with the satisfying feeling you got with every kill. The gunfights were long and would make your palms sweat from the excitement. And when you came out of a fight covered in your enemy’s blood, you felt like you were truly the best.

I feel all of that is gone. I feel nothing playing Gears of War 5, except cheated every time I die. I’m a perfect sportsman who knows when he is outplayed and can even admire someone’s skill when they wipe the floor with me. I’m nowhere near the best, but can usually hold my own in a match. But in this game my shots don’t register or I feel like my Gnasher is loaded with marshmallows. Gears of War 5 feels like so much more a game of chance or luck that I get none of the satisfaction. With the very apparent shift from aggressive shotgun play to boring Lancer spray, I have to say I’ll look elsewhere to burn my free time and get fatter sitting in this chair. If I try to play this game the way I have always played Gears I get punished. I’m not allowed to play aggressively in Gears of War 5.
So, that brings the complaints of an old man to an end. Thanks for the years of fun Gears. It was fun while it lasted.


I think you feel this way because this game is not rewarding. It does not have the skill gap necessary to make an arena game function.

The game is more about opportunity than making things happen…if that makes sense.

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O. Lone wolves in halo 3 lol

I just like the fact he bolded and add of war to Gears 5 XD
Because this is how it should be
Anyway like the post love the insert man