Lone wolf ranked


(III EnVii III) #21

MVP doesn’t mean you will always move.

A few more variables in play.

(iTiiDuS iNc) #22

I am totally with you at this one.
A mode where you pick either COG or Locust and play a free for all would be awsome.


Exactly unless ur getting better scores than yourself historically you can get mvp all day everyday and its possible to not move. You need to outperform urself plus win, and also do that consistently and then u will move slowly or quickly depending on the ranking of your enemies. I dont know how ppl dont know this after years of discussion. People make statements and dont have the knowledge, please guys there are LONG detailed posts about the ranking system. Overall it works and it is fair. Dont blame the game blame your gameplay :wink:

(Fragmented Wolf) #24

I’ve also had the opinion that if you’re going to play a game which heavily focuses on teamwork, you should accept the fact that your team’s performance is more important than your own. Don’t like playing with a team? Maybe this game isn’t for you.

(SaSuKe One) #25

Ofcourse when high ping warrior teams,eat boomshots,eat Gnasher shots And high ping enemy and team trolls in ranked u get fed up.
I welcome lone wolf mode😀
And btw, there is plenty good players that want that mode.