Lone wolf ranked


(telekinetix) #1

There should be a ranked playlist where your rank is based off your personal skills and not weather you win or loose, where you can go by yourself to play against others who are also solo, votes on both maps and game types for this one, itll give players a chance to find team mates to take to team based play types so they dont have to risk being thrown into a group of players that are to laggy or of an incorrect skill type and risk the out come of the game over things that are not in their control, itll slso provide those who care more about their own personal k/d then winning the game a place to go where they wont ruin the game for others,

(SchizoPsycho74) #2

I wonder how many different threads there are about someone crying about the ranking system on this game.

(Bleeding Pepper) #3

I know right? Maybe… just maybe… these people are not as good as they think they are? We can’t all be winners! :wink:


I’ll say about 95% made now are like this one


I myself am a solo player, and although I do find the system frustrating at times, I don’t really see a need to create a whole new playlist.
I play pretty casually as well, so I’m not too worried about ranking. I’m an onyx right now, and i’d be just fine if that’s as high as I can get

(Potato Boy 025) #6

Probably about the same amount of people pointing those threads out I’d say

(SchizoPsycho74) #7

Yeah that’s going to happen anyways I’m sure.

(III EnVii III) #8

Rank is based on personal performance.


Not really. It’s more based on the team as a whole. Which is why it can be frustrating for solo players. But with that said, I think that the ranking system makes sense. The only thing about it that I find wrong is when I get matched up against a stacked D5. And I realize that it’s a result of a smaller player base

(telekinetix) #10

Frim what i understand the ranking system is vased on whether you win or loose a match more than anything else, with the kaguage barriers and people not using mics and people having ckan members or friends on the oppiste team working against their own team, it is reallquite infuriating

(III EnVii III) #11

No, it’s based on personal performance and if your in a team then it’s still your personal performance with influence of others in your team.

(III EnVii III) #12

Not true,

You need to win games yes, but overall the game seems to massively weigh rank to kills.

(BetaX2r) #13

From what Ive seen, no matter how well I play I never go up if we lose as a team (even if my previous few matches were all wins).

(III EnVii III) #14

Yeah, you won’t go up from a loss but the better you perform, the higher your Skill Rating gets so when you do win, you get much bigger % gains.

The reason why people “stop” getting gains after wins is because your Skill Rating is aligned with your Rank.

(BetaX2r) #15

This goes back to the lone wolf thing. The odds are naturally against you when you are put against a stacked enemy squad. And this seems to happen quite a bit. So as a solo player i on average lose more matches than i win in escalation. Even if i play my best, MVP, get the best K/D, etc etc, i rank much slower than a potential weaker player on a team.

(III EnVii III) #16

The gains are much higher as a solo player.

So if you win and are the top performer, big boost.

If you lose a few but you always have the most kills - and better still by a good margin, then the next time you win, you will see the gains.

It’s simple once you know how it works.

(CraziestSock) #17

Question for you then, I played against a Diamond 5 last night. MVP’d against him by a wide margin and went up 1%. Had him beat by 5k points and 20+ kills. Im onyx 3, so you would think beating a Diamond 5 would rank you a lot but it doesn’t. So what is the point of playing as hard as I can to gain almost no rank from a much higher tiered opponent? Also I think this guy must have been boosted to that rank (No clue how). I mean my entire team were 2 gold 3, 1 O1 and 1 O2. And the entire other team was 3 O3, 1 D5 and O2.

(III EnVii III) #18

Yeah, one match doesn’t mean anything.

You have to do it consistently.

(CraziestSock) #19

Im consistently MVP and my rank hardly moves. The ranking system needs an overhaul for Gears 5,

(AVTruePredator) #20

Not trying to hijack this thread but when I saw lone wolf I immediately thought of the game type in Halo, and upon thinking that I thought of how awesome it would be to have a free for all game type in GOW. This needs to happen, would be a blast