Lol, sure, TC, your ranking system 'works as intended'

Ohhh, I’m not raging, I’m more laughing at the fact that they are actually defending it, as something that makes sense…


my team: 1 Onyx, 1 Gold (me), and 3 unranked. Their team? 5 Onyx (three Onyx3, two Onyx 2, at least 3 playing together). We get demolished.

I lost 5% of rank.

Just made me laugh…

What’s the layman explanation for this drop? “as gold 1 you were expected to do better against onyx 3 opponents, so your gold rank will drop because you didn’t best onyx players”…

In what universe does that make sense? :wink:

Again, they aren’t changing anything, I don’t really care about rank, I’m not ranting or raging, I am laughing at their audacity in claiming that this system makes sense, in the context of mixed rank players in a team sport.


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full stop.

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That was a really well worded answer.

I’m not able to find matches 9000 kills it’s a joke tc fix your servers and matchmaking

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So TC has discussed the Ranking System multiple, and multiple times, and they know people aren’t happy about how complex it is, and I am sure they have taken everyone’s feedback and revamp the system for Gears 5.

I think it looked great on paper, and in reality is a great system. But think it’s too complex for Gears, and looks like it’s not working properly.
So again they’ve heard your feedback on this and we’ll have to wait and see what they change for Gears 5.

That being said, please keep all feedback and discussions on the Main Ranking System Thread.

This allows TC to keep the discussion in one location to analyze, and share feedback with the team at TC.

I will merge this discussion with the official thread.

Thank you.

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