Lol, i used like Keegan in Horde

I am a big fan of Keegan in Horde, even from before the big update which gave him capacity and explosive recharge… I play as him, i play with him, etc…

Last night… Master Horde, Blood Drive. I join around wave 14, as Fahz (leveling him up).

Keegan in this game was spamming salvos NON STOP, THE WHOLE GAME LONG… It was impossible to hit anything, my scope was full of explosions all the time AND all his salvo spraying meant all enemies had some damage on them, so ambush didnt come into play… I literally got a headache from the camera shaking… I just mostly sat in the boltok spawn, and tried to take shots across, away from Mr. Salvo…

It was horrible…

When i play as Keegan i use the boomshot during his ultimate… And salvo for flock… I dont THINK i annoy my team mates even half as much as this guy was annoying me…

Ohh, well… So yeah, any blood drive game, i bail immediately if i see Keegan. Give me JD GL spam anyday, over this :grin:


So you used to complain about JD. Now you complain against Keagan?

What was the problem again?

You joined a game and didn’t like the meta?

That’s when you crank out his trusty steady hand card :wink:


Nope. Easier to complain. Or move away :woman_facepalming:.

Edit: the title should say “ use to”…


Doesnt work Even if You carry that card in your fazh setup

I tried that before

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Keegan’s with Salvos orJD with Gl spam both are super annoying, i dont see why Players use a Salvo as Keegan when his Boomshot can do the same with the Speedloadercard but infact with more Damage and most of all without annyoing your Teammates with 2 Hour Camera-shake.

With over 2 years of beta testing here Gears 6 is going to be so good!!!

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Easier to throw out ideas without any notion if they actually work or not :slight_smile:

Fixed for ya.

I think Keegan with Boomshot, T-Bow, Dropshot or GL is okay, and not a good reason to leave, by your logic. It’s just the camera shake that’s annoying, rather than Salvo Keegan.

Not a big fan on blood drive to be honest. That’s why I prefer maps like Pahanu, Dam, lift or even Vasgar. It’s also perfect for sniper map for Fahz.

Plus Fahz is my favorite to.

Can’t be that horrible, or can it? Word of advice. Put on looney tunes and you’ll be fine.

Hmeep, hmeep.